• Q : Where is I DO SOLAR located?

    A : I DO SOLAR Global is registered in Shanghai,China, with headquarter and R&D center in Shanghai,
          factory in Wuxi, showroom in Australia and Thailand, and agencies all over the world.
          Our presence can be felt around the world.

  • Q : Where are your manufacturing facilities?

    A : I DO SOLAR built its business around Aluminum production for more than 18 years .
          As such, we partner with globally respected manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America to deliver reliable, high-quality products to our customers.
          There are customers who work with us for more than 12 years already.

  • Q : What kind of warranties and insurance do you offer?

    A : I DO SOLAR products are supported by a 10-year product warranty,
          as well as a 25-year performance guarantee, to ensure superior long-term performance and safeguard customers’ investments.

  • Q : Can I visit your factory before placing an order?

    A : We are happy to facilitate visits for prospective customers with any of our manufacturing partners.
          Please send your request to us or your local I DO SOLAR sales representative, and we will schedule a walkthrough of the nearest production facility at your convenience.

  • Q : How about the lead time?

    A : (1) In Stock
          If all of the required components and products for your order are in stock then your order will be shipped within 7 days.
          (2) Out of Stock
          If some or all of the components and products for your order are out of stock it may take up to 6 weeks to ship your order.
          You are able to checkout if certain components or products for your order are out of stock so if you would like to ensure that everything is in stock before ordering then please feel free to contact us anytime with your order information prior to submitting your order.

  • Q : May I know more about your company ?

    A : I DO SOLAR is under Brilliance Group. If you want to know more information, welcome to visit below website of Brilliance Group and the companies which are 100% held by Brilliance Group.

  • Q : Can I be your representative?

    A : If you are distributor, factory, technicians, trading company, excellent sales man, etc, as long as you have your own advantage,
          we always welcome you to be our partner. For details, please feel free to contact us by marketing@brilliance-corporation.com