To win by Quality

2017/10/25 14:44:17

Since its establishment in 1991, AAG has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-precision aluminum extrusion profiles. Alcan Industrial City is one of the most advanced aluminum-based manufacturing bases in Asia. In the past three decades of development, AAG Asia Aluminum with excellent product quality and excellent management team, has been among the ranks of the aluminum industry creators.

Reporters yesterday had an interview with AAG Asia Aluminum sales person in charge of Mr. Wu Jingcai. Wu total temperament extraordinary, good conversation, eyes have God, and approachable, to show the spirit of contemporary professional managers, from the customer to the staff are respect him called "only brother." Wu total interview, the development of the entire aluminum industry has a unique view, clarity, the market trends are also very understanding of the positioning of aluminum products and quality of confidence, eloquent.
Wu said in an interview that in the past decade, AAG aluminum in the production, management, sales and service, and so on a new step. From the initial few thousand tons to the current annual output of several hundred thousand tons, AAG aluminum production footsteps never stopped, the future will consider the use of robotic automation production instead of artificial, continue to meet market demand. In addition, AAG aluminum aluminum products are also rising, whether it is quality, service or price, etc. are actively integrated into the needs of consumers.

As we all know, building materials are the main areas of aluminum applications. AAG aluminum to fluoride, dusting, electrophoresis and extinction-based products, in recent years in the aluminum home, aluminum flooring and other fields are also involved. Wu believes that aluminum enterprises can not only stare at the traditional building materials industry, but also to adapt to the market to do some changes, the social situation is changing, corporate thinking more flexible. According to Wu introduced, aluminum templates and aluminum flooring is also the focus of AAG Asia and the market, and the increase is very large, this year than last year increased by about 8%, the future AAG Asia will continue to focus on these two markets to flex its muscles , Do the appropriate technology research and development.