500KW tin roof in Lebanon

2017/10/26 17:05:49

500KW tin roof solar mounting project in Lebanon.
I DO SOLAR tin roof solar mounting is designed by Australian designer. so it suit to all country.very popular system depend on wonderful designing, ISO9001, ISO1400, GB certification and so on, prove the quality of system.

Factory Capacity:
1) CNC cutting: 16 sets
2) CNC lathe: 7 sets
3) CNC machining center: 15 sets
4) heat treatment furnace: 3 sets
5) CNC EDM: 14 sets.
6) accuracy can be 0.005-0.001mm.
7) Extrusion lines: 44 sets imported from Japan,Italy with annual capacity 400 thousands of tons.
8) With 5 full-automatically horizontal type and 1 vertical type.
9) The oxidize aluminum materials length is up to 10m, electrophoretic materials length is up to 7.5m, with an annual output of 150,000tons.
10) With 6 powder coating lines from Italy, 2 vertical spray-coating lines from USA. The longest aluminum profile can be coated is 11m, with annual capacity uo to 250,000 tons. With 9 powder coating lines from Italy and 4sets of guns from Switzerland